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What needs a ✅ ?

Un-implemented ideas and dreams... You've wanted to start but don't know where.  You are capable greatness but are held back by the details.  The complexity of Mortgage and Real Estate law limits "WHO" can help. 

Brand Positioning

Show up like you mean it to the people you need to

Process Optimization 

Make it easier to produce an excellent client experience

Efficiency Audit

Automation you didn't even knew existed that keeps you in your zone of genius and out of the details



Getting started with your first episode to increasing downloads and fully leveraging content

Mortgage LO & Realtor

Experienced advice from a 15 year career as Senior Loan Officer, Brand Lead, and Branch Manager

CRM Lead Manager

Best Practices learned by managing a $10K+ monthly lead spend and maintaining a 3-5% closing ratio

Content Strategy

Now that you have the content how will you turn it into influence and social capital?  What is the ROI?


Work within mortgage disclosure & APR laws, trigger items and conforming to TCPA

Brand Positioning

How to leverage your current network to become a thought leader in your area

I am on Team Get It Done

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