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Jimi Ryan talking about how Team Get It Done got its start from very humble beginnings

From Jimi Ryan:

My origination career began when I was 23 in September 2007.  I worked for a tiny little mortgage broker in Pewaukee, WI.  They bought Lending Tree leads and disbursed them on a round-robin.  I remember building my first pipeline with only those leads and babysitting the crap out of 6 loans halting my lead calling in the process.  I had 1 closing the end of November and 5 in December.  I felt like gods gift to mortgage.  Well pride goes before the fall I guess and fall I did.  January and February were 0 months for me.  It was my first fall.  The first of many.  I learned a lot from all of those falls and the first thing was to never stop originating.  

I'll never forget my first referral partner. 

Because I called leads and did what I thought at the time 'good numbers' I never focused on building realtor relationships.  I honestly viewed realtors as part of the problem and viewed them as a threat to back soliciting my clients and getting them to go with their preferred lender.  One particular client I had converted from a lead had a realtor by the name of Diane Marshall.  She was in the later years of a long career.  She was an old school professional and I really admired her ability to keep it together.  We were talking on the phone about a particular file that had run into a road block.  I remember what I said like is was yesterday.  I said Diane:

"Short of lying, stealing or cheating I will find the way. 

I am on Team Get It Done"

Team Get It Done was born.  It was 2009. It wasn't until I went to a real estate conference in January 2012 that I jumped on the Social Media band wagon.  Terry Watson, a top producing realtor from Chicago, convinced me Facebook isn't going away.  I saw the opportunity.  At the time, Realtor and Loan Officer marketing was all about posting Day Light Saving Time Reminders and Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes.  I started all my personal brands, Facebook fan pages, Twitter handles and made a LinkedIN profile.  I started a GoDaddy account and went crazy on URL purchases.  I still have a GoDaddy URL ownership addiction geeze.... I bought and sat on it until 2015 when I started my first partnership and true mortgage team.  I was always the lead caller, realtor meeting setter and presenter, mortgage coach for our clients, pricing negotiator and in charge of locking loans.  I always headed up marketing and making sure we were known in our market.  I started off doing closing dance videos where people danced at their closings and moved to Podcasting which turned out to be something I love.

I never wanted the brand to be just about me.  Yes you 'get' me and my connections that took a life time to build.  You 'get' my systems and processes.  You 'get' my wisdom attained by making mistakes and doing it all the wrong ways. 

When you hire Team Get It Done you get the resources and wisdom of the entire industry already dialed in and implemented.  You get to keep your momentum going when you can't stop.  It's not about my way or your way.  It's about what is the 'best way'.


I am on Team Get It Done 

- Jimi Ryan

What we do

  • Professional Content

    • Creation​

    • Studio Set Up, Camera, Lights

    • Editing

    • Repurposing

    • Distribution

    • Podcast Hosting

  • Lead Conversion​

    • Call Strategy​

    • Text, Email, Follow up

    • Scripting

    • Lead Flow

    • Campaigns

  • Systems Audit

    • Lead to Close Process Evaluation

    • Efficiency Audit

  • Loan Officer Coaching

    • Owner rather than Operator mindset​

    • How to design a system that runs itself

    • How to structure your day, week and month to be a top producer

Jimi Ryan speaking about what Team Get It Done gets done and how it operates.  It's a way of thinking that can lead you to greatness.

Are you on Team Get It Done?

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